Feb 11, 2011

I Am Africa

This made me smile.
I love Africa - my life, my love, my home.

If You Knew Better You'd Do Better...

Doctors in a region of Nigerian have been threatening strikes because of non-implementation of their salary contracts, among other grievances. They are undergoing meetings & negotiations with the government, giving them 21 days to meet their demands. The chairman of the state's branch of the Nigerian Medical Association, Daiyabu Ibrahim, is urging "the federal and state governments to address the shortage of medical equipment in the country to boost health care delivery to the people".

This truly breaks my heart. The Nigerian government is notorious for abusing funding and revenue, and the people suffer because of it. Nigeria's lack of medical personnel and supply is one of the main reasons I am endeavoring to becoming a doctor.

Please pray for us ..

Feb 9, 2011


Just some images I found visually stimulating ... enjoy :]

first thought: Poison Ivy

Soon I'll be posting men's fashion features, can't forget about the fellas!

Feb 7, 2011

Electrifying Nails

OPI has collabed with Serena Williams & Katy Perry to introduce a Black Shatter nail polish. You apply it on top of your regular nail color, and it dries to give the black cracked look. This is so cute, stand out, & simple!

Retails for around $9

Vogue Italia x Black Allure

Very befitting of Black History Month, Vogue Italia featured an editorial of the top black models in the industry for their February 2011 issue. The likes of Ajak Deng, Sessilee Lopez, Jourdann Dunn, Kinee Diouf, & Chanel Iman delived striking images of a vintage copacabana tale. Filled with intense passion and heat, this editorial is stunning!

Black can not be any more B E A U T I F U L.

Green & Yellow

Congrats to the Green Bay Packers for being the NFL Super Bowl XLV champs.
Weezy said he taught ya'll well lol.

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