May 31, 2011

Wale x Tiara Thomas x The Cloud

When Wale posted the link for More About Nothing last summer, I was its #1 fan, instantly. It was the only thing I listened to for weeks (it made great studying music for my summer classes). I would honestly listen to the whole thing nonstop, however #19 The Cloud always stuck out to me as a favorite. I don't even smoke, that's how you know its bomb! lol. When he tweeted that he was finally dropping the video for it, I was low key hype! I generally love all things Wale, particularly his videos (cc: The Breakup Song, Family Affair).

HOWEVER - I was not too impressed by this one. Maybe I was expecting too much. I mean surprisingly, Wale looked kinda nice - with his hair pulled back, dope jersey & (newly?) toned arms lol. The song, accented by Tiara's amazing voice, is definitely an A. The video though? ehhh, B-/C+ at best.

But, that's just me, take a look for yourself:

Released 5/30/11 by @Wale via Twitter

Tea Time

So lately I've only been updating sporadicly, (when the moons align), so I believe some catching up is in order.
This gab session is sponsored by some absolutely divine pomegranate tea & my bomb new toe nail color (as it drys lol) :]


Yes, yes! Throw some confetti in the air & pop a balloon or two, ya girl now proudly has a Bachelor's of Science in Molecular Biology, with double minors in Chemistry and Psychology. *Whew*! A mouthful, trust me I know, I've had to say it often enough these last few weeks haha. I really thank God though that I finished in four years, filled with amazing, lifelong memories :]

2. Soooo .. What's Up Next?

Right now I'm just happy to breathe without the thought of a Immunology test or research paper looming over my head! I've been on the job hunt, trying to put my pretty degree to use (not nearly as fab as it sounds or SHOULD BE! hmph), but I'm confident I'll be landing something spectacular sooner then later :]. And also sooner then later, I'll be going back to school (Med School), because I know if I get too comfortable I won't ever want to lol.
But in the mean time ....
FUN - wooo!
SUN - wooo!!
work (soon) - blah

Most importantly (to my Hauties) - blogging!
I have time & time has me lol, So blog I shall, & Read you Must! :]

May 9, 2011

Hugo Boss S/S 11 x Gabriel Aubry

Hugo Boss has chosen Gabriel Aubry to head their Boss Selection Spring/Summer 2011 campaign. Aubry looks quite chic in these pieces; I love the perfectly tailored fit. For my dapper young gentlemen, I think these would serve your wardrobe well.
What do you think ladies & gents, haute?

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