Dec 1, 2010


Unfortunately it's that fateful time of year again ... the end of the semester where all your procrastination catches up to you & bites you in the butt!!

I have a lot of posts I can't wait to share but please bear with me as I try to finish this semester with flying colors.

Good luck to everyone who is in the same boat as I, work hard & do well! :)

Nov 19, 2010

Speak the Word x MSU

On November 18th my homie Alicia hosted an open mic even at MSU called 'Speak the Word'. I was extremely impressed with the raw talent that performed that night, from poetry to comedy, rap to acoustic guitar. She did such a great job, it was well put together, I really applaud her for such a wonderful event!

Here are some of my favorite lines from the night (posted on my twitter of course ;) lol)

- 'human eyes don't come with rear view mirrors; you have to focus on your future to see past your present'
- 'the radio plays our relationship on repeat'
- 'loving you is an emotional contradiction'

Here are upcoming events from some of the poets who performed:

Drametry - Nov 26th, hosted by Uninvited Maine ; doors open @ 7pm - Kedar Studio of Art, 585 Broad St. 2nd flr, Newark NJ
Slammetry - December 18th, hosted by Elijah Brown ; doors open @ 7pm - NJ School of Dramatic Art, 593 Bloomfield Ave, Bloomfield NJ

Look for Less: Giuseppe, Meet BeBe

These fierce Giuseppe Zanotti Leopard wedges are a haute commodity this fall. The 6" heel and sleek animal print screams fab ... and it also screams expensive. If you're not willing to spend $1,195 on these monsters, BeBe has a nice alternative. Their "Charlotte" Wedge Booties can be purchased for $198 here

Guiseppe heels that's the monster shoe

Nov 17, 2010

Ledisi x I Need Love

I LOVE Ledisi! Her smooth, sweet, & soulful voice is so refreshing.
If you haven't discovered her yet, do yourself a favor and give her a listen.
Here's her song 'I Need Love', enjoy :)

It hurts too much to put my love on the shelf...

There's a Story Behing Every Image

I came across street art featuring images of the homeless.
Artist Mike Newton said he saw police move the homeless from place to place, which inspired him to create these images. "Removing me won't solve the problem".

The message these photos send is powerful. It's not good enough to just FEEL bad though, impact requires action. Time to give my neglected clothes away, if I'm not wearing them someone else can. Especially during the approaching holiday season, we all need to remember those who are not as fortunate as ourselves. Be a blessing to someone else :)

images: Michael Aaron

Nov 6, 2010


World, Meet my Couture Rose loves.
Just a few flicks from when we went out to Prana Lounge. We're always so busy with school, work, etc we don't get to enjoy each others company as often as we'd like, so this was a MUCH needed ladies night out.

I live for the nights that I can't remember, with the people that I won't forget ...

Viva La Africa

As a Nigerian American I absolutely LOVE to see Africans doing their thing in the fashion industry. African culture is so rich & vibrant and it's beautiful when African designers are able to express that in their pieces. I was on (African fashion site) today and here are some of my favorite designs, enjoy :)

Snakeskin Cape from Afromania by Nkwo

Print Skirt by Tiffany Amber

Isabella Jump0suit by Tiffany Amber

Olive Trench Coat by Christie Brown Ghana

Luxe Embellished Jacket from Jewel by Lisa

Black Print Jacket by Christie Brown Ghana

Michelle Williams x Boxing Kitten

Boxing Kitten is a fabulous fashion forward brand of African inspired prints and pieces. Recently Michelle Williams was seen sporting their classic Tina skirt, and the look fits her very nicely! Elegant yet ethnic, what a perfect combination. Boxing Kitten is definetly a HAUTE LOOK.

Purchase the skirt here

Naomi Campbell for ELLE South Africa (Nov. 2010)


Nov 3, 2010

Paolla Rahmeier for Marie Claire Brazil

Ayyy Caramba -- What a Haute Tamale ! I can't get enough of how visually captivating this spread for Marie Claire Brazil is. Futuristic 3D glamor, simply stunning.

yes and the visual is stunning, I hope they document what I'm becoming...

Black Lace

Cream sweater with black lace body suite, black pants & my signature black hidden wedge booties. When the weather is weird yet warm (maybe March-ish) I'll wear the sweater without anything underneath ;)

don't watch me watch TV ;)

Nov 1, 2010

Halloween, Meet Fashion

Happy Monday (or what's left of it) Hauties!
I was so busy last week with school, hopefully this week I'll have more opportunities to share what's floating my mind with you guys :)
I'm sure I'm not alone when I say the best part of Halloween is the crazy costumes!
Browsing my daily dose of fashion blogs today I came across some trendy costumes, as well as Halloween inspired ensembles, so I decided to share.
Take a long & enjoy ;)

My favorite was Janet Jackson as a gangster -- lovee the look, From her sexy androgynous mustache to her classic feathered heels, WIN for Ms. Jackson!

Other fashion forward looks

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