Nov 19, 2010

Speak the Word x MSU

On November 18th my homie Alicia hosted an open mic even at MSU called 'Speak the Word'. I was extremely impressed with the raw talent that performed that night, from poetry to comedy, rap to acoustic guitar. She did such a great job, it was well put together, I really applaud her for such a wonderful event!

Here are some of my favorite lines from the night (posted on my twitter of course ;) lol)

- 'human eyes don't come with rear view mirrors; you have to focus on your future to see past your present'
- 'the radio plays our relationship on repeat'
- 'loving you is an emotional contradiction'

Here are upcoming events from some of the poets who performed:

Drametry - Nov 26th, hosted by Uninvited Maine ; doors open @ 7pm - Kedar Studio of Art, 585 Broad St. 2nd flr, Newark NJ
Slammetry - December 18th, hosted by Elijah Brown ; doors open @ 7pm - NJ School of Dramatic Art, 593 Bloomfield Ave, Bloomfield NJ

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