May 31, 2011

Wale x Tiara Thomas x The Cloud

When Wale posted the link for More About Nothing last summer, I was its #1 fan, instantly. It was the only thing I listened to for weeks (it made great studying music for my summer classes). I would honestly listen to the whole thing nonstop, however #19 The Cloud always stuck out to me as a favorite. I don't even smoke, that's how you know its bomb! lol. When he tweeted that he was finally dropping the video for it, I was low key hype! I generally love all things Wale, particularly his videos (cc: The Breakup Song, Family Affair).

HOWEVER - I was not too impressed by this one. Maybe I was expecting too much. I mean surprisingly, Wale looked kinda nice - with his hair pulled back, dope jersey & (newly?) toned arms lol. The song, accented by Tiara's amazing voice, is definitely an A. The video though? ehhh, B-/C+ at best.

But, that's just me, take a look for yourself:

Released 5/30/11 by @Wale via Twitter

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