Feb 11, 2011

If You Knew Better You'd Do Better...

Doctors in a region of Nigerian have been threatening strikes because of non-implementation of their salary contracts, among other grievances. They are undergoing meetings & negotiations with the government, giving them 21 days to meet their demands. The chairman of the state's branch of the Nigerian Medical Association, Daiyabu Ibrahim, is urging "the federal and state governments to address the shortage of medical equipment in the country to boost health care delivery to the people".

This truly breaks my heart. The Nigerian government is notorious for abusing funding and revenue, and the people suffer because of it. Nigeria's lack of medical personnel and supply is one of the main reasons I am endeavoring to becoming a doctor.

Please pray for us ..

1 comment:

  1. The situation is really sad oh. I heard that one northern state (i've forgotten which) sponsors some people to go abroad for medical treatment. His people are praising him instead of kicking his head in- the money he has been using for this would be able to maintain a big state hospital for goodness sake :(



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