Mar 23, 2011

Bang Bang

Love this shoe jewelry/accessory ! Bullets dangling around my ankle, how dope. I'll be on the hunt for these, or maybe even turn it into a DIY, we'll see :]


  1. these are SO COOL!! it would seriously be amazing if you could figure out a DIY for them! seriouslyyy awesome blog.

    xoox - christina =)

  2. These are great!! You should be able to DIY them..have you heard of Gok Wan? He is king of DIY fashion-shouldn't have to pay LOTS to achieve high fashion.
    Stumbled upon your blog - now following :)

    Bex xox

  3. killer shoes!!
    would love it if you would take a look at my blog and follow it if you like!

  4. bang bang shoes. Like really would say: BOOM. lol


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