Oct 16, 2010

Chic & Cheap Vol I

I finally popped my thrifting cherry today!! lol, and it was about about time !! My cart was full and my heart was happy -- I can't to go back.

Wardrobe, Meet Thrifting:

THIS is my find of the day, I have fallen in LOVE with this jacket! I love its 80s/ethnic feel and the fit is great

Close up of the pattern

I was actually looking for a school bag for my books but I'm glad I ran into these cute little purses. The first is a sequin beige clutch with a long strap, perfect to glam up an outfit, and the other is a patched brown satchel, for a nice vintage look.
both $2

This vest is so 80s, and loud, and FAB! I tried it on with a pattern top & i felt like the SHXT! lol I'm sure I wont be able to help but to wear this soon.

I like this grandpa-esque blazer, its a bit oversized but the fit is nice and it looks good that way

This coral blazer looks amazing on my brown skin and the shoulder pads are BOMB! It's also oversized but I'll make it work, by any means necessary lol

I'm compiling a list of stores I want to visit, soon thrift shops across America will know my face! (maybe not, but it sounds good ~_^)

I know you like my style, you like how I break it down

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