Oct 16, 2010

World, Meet the Sexiest Shoe of the Year?

Recently Saks & Footwear News joined forces to pay homage to the stiletto gawds, such as Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Manolo, and Giuseppi Zannotti, to name a few. They crowned the 'Sexiest Shoe of the Year' Christian Louboutin's Maralena crystal-covered mesh peep-toe pumps. Now these are undeniably FIERCE, but SEXIEST shoe of the YEAR? I'd have to differ. There are definitely shoes out there more fitting to bear such a crown.
What do you think? Queen Bee, or just a wannabe?


  1. They are ok, but not the best...they look a bit tacky to me!

    love your blog! i'm following, check mine out if you'd like: http://justablogaboutbec.blogspot.com

  2. elles sont magnifiques, j'aime beaucoup


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