Oct 2, 2010

Deuces Remix (Minus the Hype)

The Deuces Remix is an undeniably good song. The melody switch in the beginning is phenom! And Drake's verse has that familiar heartthrob vibe we all love. But I think all these rave reviews a hyped. People are no longer jumping bandwagons, they are now chartering planes.
If you ask me, it could've been better. Where was Chris Brown..lost till the end? Ehhh ... And as much as i loveee Mr. Three Thou I don't think he fit well with the rest of the song. Plus where do these artists get away rapping these basic lines? Not only that, ya'll eat it up like Sunday breakfast!! 'Act like there's gum in your hair, girl cut it out' Really Fab?

But hey whatever floats your sinking boat lol.

But like I said, these are just my opinions. Take a listen for yourself:

Don't gas me up, I like to runnin on E

1 comment:

  1. omg tell my why im in love with song..! MAN .. BTW I am your first follow whot..! nice blogg I love it..!


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